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James C. Bailey
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My Portfolio

     Over the years I have been involved in many startup companies, doing the organization, documentation and marketing. From my early US Navy days writing functional specifications and contracts I moved into user manuals for the early computer systems, direct mail, data based direct response and corporate image pieces. More recently I have written copy for Internet based sales websites, business advertisements and catalogs.

     My style is direct, simple, easy to understand and written to format. I get the message across by holding the reader's hand and directing him or her into the process of buying, either a product or an idea, as quickly as possible.

Herewith are some representative samples of my work:

Articles and Column Pieces

Catalogs and Brochures

  • Rio Mogote - Brochure for large development property in Chile (Large file!)
  • Tree Plantations - Brochure copy for Chile tree plantation investments
  • Metallic-FX - Brochure copy for industrial floor coatings company
  • Company Promise - Brochure back corporate sales blurb
  • Americrete - Trifold technical brochure for concrete and asphalt product company
  • Proline Concrete Tools - Portions of a 40 page catalog for concrete stamping tools
  • Virutase - Inner section, tri-fold brochure for new medical product
  • Dr Grifka - Brochure verbiage for Chiropractor office
  • Abaris - Brochure copy rewrite for systems integration consulting firm


Direct Marketing Cards & Mailers

Books and Researched Papers

Project Concepts

  • Saving Schools - Concept paper for project plan using teacher pension funds
  • Afri-Cure - Concept for providing treatment for AIDS in Africa

Press and News Releases

Flyers and Handouts

  • LowerMyMeds - Flyer proof for medication supply company
  • Best-Gro - Handout brochure for Trinidad company
  • PegBooks - Simple software one-page flyer

Technical Flyers

Non-Profit Work


  • Strategies - One issue front page for National Employment Registry
  • Bailey's Bulletin - Long running personal Real Estate newsletter (4-8 pages monthly)