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James C. Bailey
Professional Writing and Business Copywriting Services
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An extraordinary combination of writing, business and marketing skills come together 
to provide you with professionally written marketing and collateral materials 
with but one objective: to make you look great.

Benefits To Your Organization:

  • Save time and money with company communications written effectively the first time.
  • Increase productivity through effective instructions, manuals and communications.
  • Create highly focused packages selling your concept, business and products.
  • Expand sales with properly designed marketing and customer service programs.
  • Multiply customer retention through properly written follow-up communications.

Specific Experience Highlights:

    Versatile, detail-oriented writer and copywriter experienced in business operations, marketing and sales with writing and editing skills in website design, content production, direct response programs, non-profits, manuals, catalogs, newsletters and advertising.

    Writing and Published Work
    The Arizona Cancer Center - Vim&Vigor Magazine (2005)
    Puerto Varas - Travel article for
    The New Jackson Hole - Destination Piece for
    Blackout in Barstow - Humor Piece for
    Village Visitor - Monthly Column Highlighting Carlsbad Businesses

    Brochures and Catalogs
    SkyTypers, Inc. - 16 Page Brochure for Skywriting Company
    Floric Polytech, Inc. - 9 High Tech Floor Epoxy and Resin Product Brochures 
    Proline Concrete Tools, Inc. - Concrete Stamping Product Catalog

    Technical Writing - User Manual for Business Management Website
    La Jolla International - Specification Sheets, Catalog, Commodity Sales Contracts
    Proline Concrete Tools - Catalog of Decorative Concrete Stamping Tools

    Editing & Copy Development
    Best of the Masters – Newsletter Content, Book Chapters, Catalog  Descriptions
    Video Magalog – Catalog, Advertorials, Database Content

    Advertising Copy
    RBS Productions – Website Design, Print Ads, Content Strategies
    Erickson & Sommer – Direct Response Package, Radio Ads, Print Ads, Dialogues

    Concept Planning
    SalesPoint – Content Strategies, Business Plan, Installation Procedures
    North County Local Growers – Direct Response, Customer Packages, Procedures

Websites - Direct Online Sales Site - Travel Sales and Stories - eBook Direct Online Sales - Chilean Real Estate Company Site
Renoka - Health product sales in Trinidad & Tobago
LawMart - Franchise legal assistance


    BS, University of Arizona
    American Artists & Writers Institute
    Corey Rudl Direct Response Program
    California Real Estate Agent
    Certified Mortgage Investor
    US Navy Documentation School
    Entrepreneur - School of Hard Knocks


    References Available Upon Request